Barra O'Leary

Design Systems Architect.
I work as the Visual Designer for the design systems team at Mastercard where I lead the design aspect of MADE (Mastercard Adaptive Design Ecosystem), a cutting-edge solution for effectively managing enterprise level design systems. With a focus on scalability, efficiency, accessibility and best-in-class design, I help drive the development and adoption of design standards across the organization.I have a keen interest in multi-tier, themeable design systems, modular component libraries and inclusive design.
About me.
My educational background is in Interactive Media where I obtained my MSc from University College Cork, Ireland. As part of my MSc, I designed and developed a visually interactive health application for students in UCC.Outside of work, I enjoy analogue-based creativity. Specifically film photography, sketching and collaging.Other than analogue, I do enjoy tinkering and understanding how tech works, so it is no surprise that I am a proponent of design system designers having a solid understanding of HTML, CSS and to a lesser extent, JS.
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