Figma Thursdays

Figma Thursdays is an initiative that I started in January 2022 to give walkthroughs of using Figma to other designers within Testbirds. The goal is to empower other designers to confidently use Figma and navigate the design system components that I built in 2021.

This page is a work in progress, but here's an overview of what Figma Thursdays entail:

  • A weekly, 1-hour Microsoft Teams meeting that is shared to all 4 designers in the company
  • I choose a topic to cover and give examples of how to create some of our complex components, variants and prototypes as well as best practices in Figma
  • Introduce designers to the Design System that I created within Figma shortly after our company rebranding
  • Detail best practices for Development Spec sheets and handovers.

I will be updating this page with some of the highlights and learnings from each week. If you are a potential client, then also feel free to reach out to me and I can walk you through my mentoring process and how I structure Figma Thursdays and its positive effect on our teams efficiency.

1. Creating a Mobile Navigation Accordion

Final Mobile Navigation Prototype

One of the complex components that comprised of all of the important Figma foundations (Nested Components, Auto Layout, Prototyping, Variants) was our websites Mobile Navigation Accordion.

This was an important component to create as we still had some work to do for our login UI that would also effect the mobile navigation.

Therefore, it was important to have this component ready to perform rapid prototypes of newly designed login UI ideas.

1.1 Base Components

Base Components for the mobile nav
Interaction Settings - Headings
Interaction Settings - Menu Items

1.2 Menu Item Components

Dropdown Headers and Menu Items